Music : Oxford Improvisers with Renee Baker (joining remotely from Chicago). Saturday 25th September 18:30

Geometry: First Plane, Then Solid: A rare appearance in London of Oxford Improvisers, with Renee Baker (joining remotely from Chicago).

“Geometry is concerned with properties of space that are related with distance, shape, size, and relative position of figures”.

Renee Baker:

Renee is the founding music director and conductor of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project (CMOP), a polystylistic orchestral organization that grew from the plums of classical music as well as jazz. She is a  member of the collective (AACM) Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians.

Renee works in improvised music, sound art installations, experimental film, dance, jazz theatre, butoh, visual art (canvas, paper), book arts and sculptural reconfigure of scores. Her works are dark recitatives that speak directly to the frazzled sort of lives we lead today. Her works challenge the way we think about the way you see the world and how information is processed.

Oxford Improvisers:

Since 2001 Oxford Improvisers has staged and promoted nearly 200 events featuring hundreds of musicians, dancers and visual artists of every kind. Activities have continued throughout the last year with concerts staged in the virtual world. The concert is planned around a number of groups, some decided in advance, some on the evening, some undecided. Exercises in musical and social risk, mixing “doing” with “deliberation”.

The concert will involve 11 musicians in the Gallery with others joining remotely from around the world.

Participants in the gallery:
Nini Sakhri – multiple objets sonores
Suzanne Healey – small instruments
Bruno Guastalla – ‘cello
Kesia Decote – toy piano/keyboard
Paul Medley – clarinet
Chris Dammers – keyboard
Martin Hackett – melodica etc
Lawrence Casserley – assorted sounders
Lizzy Spight – flutes and voice
Dan Goren – flugelhorn
Mark Browne – alto saxophone

Remote link:
Gero Kempf – prepared double bass
Camilla Cancantata – piano voice
Andrew West – viola
Clare Woodham – bass clarinet and voice
Emma Wellings – voice and found objects
Renee Baker – violin

Doors 18:00 | performances from 18:30 | entry free or £5 donation

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