Grassy Noel & APE in “The Second Coming”. Saturday 1st June 19:30

The TrumPeste Protest Fest – The Second Coming

“Bring your own Banners, Posters, Masks, Rattles, Drums, Something Wicked This Way Comes!”

All forms of Vocalisations, Musical Improvisations, Projections, Poetry, Protest Posters, Costumes, Masks, Mannequins and More will be employed to Purge The Populace of The Coming Menace.

Grassy Noel & APE:
Anarchic, chaotic, hypnotic, spectacular, poetics & improvisation: Grassy Noel (texts, vocalisations, visuals), Mike Walter (saxophone), Paul Shearsmith (trumpet), Keisuke Matsui (electric guitar), Mark Rathmell (ipad)

Junko Rathmell (photographer)

doors 7:30 | performance 8:00pm | entry £5 donation

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