Music : Martin Hackett / Phil Morton / Nick Branton / Daniel Thompson. Saturday 20th November 19:30

Martin Hackett (Korg MS10)
Phil Morton (guitar, accidents & treatment)
Nick Branton (Bb & bass clarinet)
Daniel Thompson (acoustic guitar)

Doors  7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5 or more

Martin Hackett is a member of Oxford Improvisers and the Muzzix collective in Lille, France. He has been playing improvised music of one sort or another for as long as he can remember, for the past thirty years largely devoted to an obsessive exploration of the Korg MS10 synthesiser.

Phil Morton : Known and labeled  as a hardcore free improviser, Mr Morton has been active in the Northern circuit of free improvisation activities since 1997.  He himself remain unclear on the labels and descriptions; accidents and treatment,  is at all an accident? or crafted treatments shaped by 30 years of practice. A practice grounded in; the focused playing of Bonehouse with Phil hargreaves over 8 years, the extended relationships with musicians in `The Centrifuge Network` he has played and leant from rich list of free improvisers in the UK. His practice may transform the established `guitar` into a sonic object or alternatively reframe objects as musical instruments, this an artist whose `performance forged in the air that it moves`.

Nick Branton is a Liverpool based Clarinet and Saxophone player. He is deeply involved in the City’s music scene, from traditional jazz through to wonky-pop, however his main interests lay in the more experimental side of things, with avant-jazz and free improvisation. In this realm he plays in many ad-hoc groups with musicians from across the north-west, as well as various long term ensembles. Nick has had his work aired on Late Junction and last year he self-released his first solo album, “Sumi”. His most recent work is exploring the combination of free improvisation with composition.

Daniel Thompson is a guitarist and improvising musician currently living in Hackney, London. He was born in Norfolk, England in 1981 and other than a couple of years playing violin as a child, his musical studies didn’t seriously begin until his late teens. Largely self-taught, after moving to London in 2006 Daniel embarked upon a life changing period studying with the guitarist John Russell for two years, who “provided me with one of the richest and most rewarding musical experiences of my life”. A part of the fertile London improvising music scene Daniel has also played at many other venues across the UK and Europe.


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