Hand of Stabs + Valerie & Her Week of Wonders. Sunday 29th March from 3.30-6:30

Hand Of StabsHand of Stabs, from Rochester in Kent, are a three man geodelic collective whose work draws inspiration from their exploration of local, often forbidden, landmarks. They create improvised sound pieces, which can be simultaneously uplifting, difficult and intense using both traditional and home-built instruments. Many of their performances take place within the landscape – in woodland, field, or rain-lashed long barrow at Winter Solstice. They have played in a ruined school, derelict basements, Kent’s remotest church, the studio of a Turner-nominated artist and on board a light vessel. Each performance is a tense interplay between the three performers resulting in a form of archaesonic dowsing, an interaction with place that is unique each time. “Feral Kentish sound sculptors” – Pete Wiggs & James Papademetrie, The Séance.



Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, an unplugged set from Valerie and Her Week of Wonders featuring the vocals of Catherine Gerbrands and multi-instrumentalist Jowe Head accompanied by Tim Bowen on cello. They use the sounds of Valerie & Her Week Of WondersCatherine’s ethereal high alto voice, together with zither, autoharp, psaltery, cello, bowed saw and glasses to create a timeless beauty. “Pastoral gothic and funereal whimsy”.



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