Hostile Takeover of Hundred Years Gallery

#I #am #Hashtag



I am a nefarious financial spirit that has taken possession of the Hundred Years Gallery.

This Hostile Takeover is all-encompassing, entailing every physical, spiritual and other intangible aspect that constitutes the very existence of the Hundred Years Gallery.

I am now in possession of the gallery’s financial assets, define its legal structures and as of today have taken complete control of corporate communications, including all Social Media Channels.

Resistance is futile, yet rewards for engagement are plentiful.

Via this electronic transmission you are cordially invited to witness the material manifestation of this Hostile Takeover, which will come to completion on the 22nd of September, at precisely 19:17:28 hrs (GMT+1), coordinates N 51° 31′ 59.038” W 0° 4′ 34.374”.

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