HYG NIGHTS #5 – Those Passions Read / Which Yet Survive. 27th July, 19:30

Look upon our Works, ye Mighty.


Performance and sculpture 

Keanu Arcadio – Misfit Millenial
Keanu Arcadio, returning for his second NIGHTS performance, is a British-Filipino artist born in East-London. Agreeable with
the freedom of expressions he found in art he went on to do a foundation in
Epsom, then to study sculpture in Brighton. Unaccepting of contemporary
formats and traditions he works in an unpredictable range of materials,
using the body in video, semen as sculpture, gaffer tape as paint, psychoanalysis
filtered through literature, linguistic filmic operations and paint as paint.
Keanu’s oeuvre avoids taxonomic digestions as a reflection of his insatiable taste
for forms of expressions and zeal for evolution.
The blood of his thinking is drawn from his veneration of Baudrillard, Descartes,
Dostoevsky, Emerson, Henry Miller, Nietzsche, Rumi and Wittgenstein.


Sal Francis & Chloe Borthwick
Daisy Latham – Knobnose: The Ascension
Knobnose performances test the boundaries of gender, they raise laughter and hilarity in the face of taboo and confront the daily performative rituals enacted by all those in our civalised and socialised world.
Latham studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion but wound up in fine art at Camberwell College specialising in drawing. In her final year she began giving art-comedy performances for her peers and siblings. These special performances were dances or songs or trampolining acts where she’d take up one of her sculptures and drag it into life. Since January her practice has widened into public venues, not only galleries but also student unions, karaoke bars and night clubs. And since January too her attention has been on her series of Knobnoses that she forms and casts from clay to silicone rubber. These prosthetic phallic forms she then adorns as masks and comes to embody the spirit of the knobnose. Actions of tap dancing and stripping, or singing and marching become genderless, ageless; sometimes blinded and senseless; but always like animalistic partying.
www.daisylatham.com @daisylilylatham


Plus more TBA

HYG Nights Safer Spaces Policy
We welcome artists and attendees from all races, sexualities, genders and abilities. As such we expect anyone attending the event to be respectful to the performers and their fellow audience members.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment.
We want everyone attending this event to feel safe and to be able to enjoy the night. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, please come and speak to a member of staff.
The venue has gender neutral toilets.


image: Daisy Latham
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