Illuminations and Evocations. Sunday 4th March 15:30

To coincide with Ana PallaresMy Own Season In Hell, Hundred Years Gallery presents A Sunday Afternoon of Surreal Poesie, Improvisation and Provocation inspired by the works of Arthur Rimbaud, paintings of Ana Palleres and The Rambling, Ethereal Floating Words of Life in Rapidly Changing Londinuum. The Currents of Change Charge the City while the Suited Zombies chase their Invisible Tails. The Lights go Down but The Song of The City Continues On…. The Rivers Flow Deep Beneath the Urban Street. The Veins of Time Run THrough The Non-CONFORMIST Urban Dweller and will not run dry without A Final Fling. The Concrete Cracks, The Steel Corrodes, The Glass Shatters and The Trees will Grow Once More……. Let The Dance Begin…. Grassy Noel

Free entry / donations welcome

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