Music : Imaginary String Trio (Guastalla-Lash-Wachsmann). Sunday 6th March 19:00 (evening session)

Bruno Guastalla – cello and bandoneon
Dominic Lash – double bass
Philipp Wachsmann – violin

Doors 7pm | music 7:30 | entry £8

Bruno  Guastalla has been a violin and cello maker/restorer for the past thirty five years, as well as a practising musician. Questions around perception, language and shape-making come up a lot in his work. Bruno plays cello and has collaborated amongst others with Philipp Wachsmann, Dominic Lash and the dancer Macarena Ortuzar.  He  is  a member of the SET ENSEMBLE .

Dominic Lash is an improviser and composer. A partial list of musicians he has worked with includes Cristián Alvear, Antoine Beuger, Tony Conrad, Angharad Davies, Terry Edwards, Jürg Frey, Matthew Grigg, Elizabeth Harnik, James Ilgenfritz, Charlotte Keeffe, Paul Lytton, Joe Morris, Steve Noble, Evan Parker, Éliane Radigue, Mark Sanders, Roger Turner, Lisa Ullén, Fay Victor, Philipp Wachsmann, and Jason Yarde.

Philipp Wachsmann is working in improvisation since 1970, with many of the international players … an early quartet with Derek Bailey, with Evan Parker and with his Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, Iskra 1903, the London Jazz Composer’s Orchestra … can be heard on well over 100 recordings … with dance, film and installation, very recently returned from a revival of the historic King Ubu Orchestru, various large and small groupings with Harri Sjostrom, and is now excitedly with the extraordinary Tern trio. He is a pioneer on the violin and electronics.

In 2005 the percussionist Chris Stubbs invited Philipp Wachsmann (solo) and Bruno Guastalla and Dominic Lash (duo) to perform in Oxford. He went on to suggest a meeting of all three for the final part of the concert. This memorable encounter was the start of this trio. The trio is not shy of risk. At times it fleetingly alludes to moments of the classical string repertoire (Bartok and Beethoven). It celebrates the very wide vocabulary, textures and counterpoint that string voices can be part of, from a wide variety of genres from ‘classical’ to ‘jazz’. The trio performed regularly in the latter half of the 2000s, but this performance will be their first concert since 2009.

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