Into The Ordinary

The exhibition features films, sculpture, statements,photography and paintings that explore notions of the body, presence, absence and social space.

The distance between the self and others is dramatized through a wide range of strategies relating very closely to early 1970’s Body Art and Multimedia.

Rita and Mark have collaborated for the past 10 years on a series of documentations of performance pieces, several of which are present in this show.

“Into The Ordinary” reveals the many formal and conceptual links which unite the work of both artists, evidence of a shared thinking process based on discussion and friendship.

The Vogue Festival 2012

Rita Says presents the performance “Against the Day”, curated by Serena Bobowski, under The Vogue Festival 2012 that will take place on Friday 20th and Saturday 21th of April. Shows at 11.40 and 16.20 each day.

For more information: Vogue Festival 



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