Jerico Orchestra : JO #224. Saturday 24th of May at 7:30

Jerico Orchestra was founded in 2009 by London based artist Rita Says. Inspired by visual and performance art they create live soundscapes using a unique blend of styles and methods, with projected abstract slides as a spur for improvisation. They have appeared at many Galleries, music venues and festivals in London and elsewhere.

“The slides are made from: Lipstick, Eye-liner, Mascara, my hair (head and body hair), Eye shadow, Nail Polish, Foundation etc….pretty much the contents of any woman’s make-up kit.

“I started using Make-up because of its connection to my body, since it operates within the system of feminine definition and the personal justified desire to be as physically attractive as possible. Style being a form of sincerity.

“It works like painting, almost like a 70s colour field abstract the size of a house: yet it is made from what`s inside my handbag. A grand NEW YORK! statement out of materials that are ‘trivial’ and have almost no material existence, just coloured dust and eye-paint.

“I`ve always admired Mark Boyle’s Song of Light for Body Fluids. There`s a long history of ‘traces’ within contemporary art, the artists body or presence suggested by the next best thing (Beuys felt suit, the blood of dear Franko B, Manzonis shit) like the relic of a Saint, and at the same time an implied critique of the idea of conservation and Museum practise.

“Duchamp ( in The Green Box) posited the notion of ‘infra-mince’, a form of body measurement so tiny as to be off the scale, the difference in weight between a dress before and after it has been worn. Then why not my make-up?” – Rita Says

During Jerico’s presentation projected and performed scores will be used to create a framework for individual interpretation. Duration of pieces will be predetermined.

Rita Says : slides & visuals, Adam Bohman : prepared strings & amplified objects, Will Baby : flute, Luiz Bruno : guitar, oscillator, Catrinel Doran : melodica, voice, Graham Mackeachan : bass & found objects, Keisuke Matsui : guitar, objects, electronics, Ivor Kallin : violin, Giles Leaman : percussion, oboe, Paul Shearsmith : pocket trumpet, trombone

Entry by donation £5

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