Jia-Yu Corti & Annelie Nederberg – contemporary dance & sound art. Saturday 18th of January from 7pm

Hundred Years Gallery is pleased to present an evening of contemporary dance & sound art featuring Jia-Yu Corti & Annelie Nederberg.

Jia-Yu Corti

Jia-Yu is a freelance dance practitioner based in London. Originally from Taiwan, Jia-Yu performed as a dancer internationally throughout the 90s. Since 2003 she has received grants, bursaries and commissions in the UK and Taiwan to create her choreographies. Influenced by experiences in site specific, film and performance art projects, her recent works explore the notion of performative in the wider contexts devised through collaboration, using interaction and intervention as means to construct and experiment.

Annelie Nederberg

Annelie Nederberg is a composer and performer from Sweden currently based in the UK, pursuing an AHRC funded PhD in Musical Composition at University of Surrey. Annelie has a passion for the performing arts and composes for contemporary dance, theatre and film as well as acousmatic music. She also performs with her self-developed gestural feedback instrument and other electronic sounds. Her works move freely between concrete and abstract sounds, between music and sound art, with the human body as an important component; a confluence between movement and electronics into poetic and often slowly evolving sonorous shapes.

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