Klaus Bru: Melotierratic Encounters. Saturday 10th October 7:30pm

flyer_p6_webKlaus Bru (Electric C Melody Saxophone, C Soprano Saxophone) with Pete Yelding (Cello), Jodie Judy Lu (dance, movement), Ken Ikeda (Electronics), Tony Hardie-Bick (Chapman Stick), David W. Stockard (Percussion)

A Concert of Free Improvisation in 3 Parts:

Part 1: ALONE
Klaus Bru (Feedback Saxophone, Blown Saxophone)
As an opener, Klaus Bru performs a brief solo set using feedbacked and blown saxophones.

Klaus Bru (C-Soprano Saxophone), Pete Yelding (Cello), David W. Stockard (Percussion)
The second part is a trio improvisation in a folkish manner: as innocent, as simple, as wholesome as ever possible.

Klaus Bru (Electric C Melody Saxophone), Pete Yelding (Cello), Ken Ikeda (Electronics), Tony Hardie-Bick (Chapman Stick), David W. Stockard (Percussion)
This is music for a film showing tonight at the “Inner Cinema”: Shifting from anti-tonal to tonal, from euphony to noise, like viscous, unhurriedly moving lava. Sticking out of the amorphous mass are fringes of notes, recollections of melodies. Was there any story at all?

Doors 7:30pm | music 8pm \ entry £5 donations


Klaus Bru 

Klaus Bru plays the rare C-melody saxophone and the even rarer C-soprano sax exclusively, often combining them with electronics. His artistic output is characterized by its variety, and his musical concepts are not exactly the “out-of-the-box” type. Klaus Bru rather uses odd combinations of “boxes” that differ in size, contrast in contents, and clash in color: He brings in the folk music of the world (Eastern Europe, Turkey, Arab Countries, China), avantgarde ridden improv, cold blooded electronic noises and feedbacks, sounds of breath and saliva, pitches smaller than the distance between two keys on the piano, strange meters and odd tempos, plus – when the time is right – sincere and singable melodies that move the heart and soul.


Pete Yelding 

Pete Yelding is a composer and performer based currently in London. He has played cello since early childhood. He has been trained formally in Western composition and North Indian Classical music on sitar. In performance he has been known to make use of: cello, sitar, voice, guitar, didgeridoo, toys, random objects, found sounds and electronics. Additionally, due to ongoing involvement with dance and theatre, he may also include speech, story-telling and physical movement.


Ken Ikeda 

Ken is a video artist, improvising musician, and composer, born in Tokyo . He has worked with John Russell, Paul G. Smyth, Toshimaru Nakamura,and many other improvising musicians; and has exhibited sound art and visual installations around the world. He has collaborated with, amongst others, painter Tadanoori Yokoo, artist Mariko Mori, Hiroshi Sugimoto; and composed and recorded for film maker David Lynch. He featured as part of Sonic Boom, at the Hayward Gallery, London in 2000 and as part of the Royal Academy’s ‘Apocalypse’ exhibition in 2001.


Tony Hardie-Bick 

Tony Hardie-Bick is a musician and engineer with a background in acoustics and live performance. He has toured Europe and North America playing keyboards with an infamous punk band, and then embarked on synthesiser and acoustics algorithm design, studying closely the differences between digital and analogue, and achieving near parity between the two. After many years of this exploration, he has now returned to musical performance, and plays a modified Chapman Stick (or simply, the Stick), an instrument invented by Californian Emmett Chapman. This particular instrument includes dynamic resonant filters to expand its tonal range, and piezo contact transducers to pick up percussive and incidental sounds made along the fretboard. These circuits augment the inductive pickups of Chapman’s original design.

David W. Stockard

David W. Stockard a person from Carrickfergus [ni] currently living in London [eng].
For more, visit:


Jodie Judy Lu

Jodie comes from Taiwan, and now lives in London. She was originally trained in marketing specialising in creative industries. She recently received a Postgraduate Dance Award to study at Trinity Laban and Siobhan Davies Dance (Independent Dance). She is a dance artist focusing on somatics as well as choreography. Her work has been praised by dance seniors and has impressed many dance masters including Jeremy Nelson, Barbara Mahler, Sean Feldman, and Kerry Nicholls. She has worked in cross cultural dance projects including Artscross Beijing 2012 (with Robin Dingemans), and Biblioteca Do Corpo at ImPulsTanz 2014 Vienna (with Ismael Ivo). Her ongoing collaborative project “Dance In Nature” combines dance art, spirituality, and ecology, connecting people with the Universe and the Earth, expressing their soul through improvised movement and artistic creation, and creating an organic dialogue with improvised music.

see: https://youtu.be/iMseAoIwKOA

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