Caroline Kraabel/Audrey Lauro/David Stockard/Tom Wheatley. Saturday 31st of January 2015

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This evening presents four improvisers from different countries, languages and generations, and will feature a solo set from Audrey Lauro followed by a trio featuring Caroline Kraabel, David Stockard and Tom Wheatley. The four musicians will then play together.

Brussels-based saxophonist Audrey Lauro trained in composition, jazz and contemporary music. She then devoted her energies to experimental music and particularly to improvisation, constantly questioning the language of instrument, phrase and sonic event. Her playing is spacious, lucid and full of finely-observed and controlled detail.

Caroline Kraabel (saxophone/voice), a USA-born London resident, has been living and working with the saxophone for nearly four decades, improvising solo and in company, and composing for groups of up to twenty saxophones. She has been called iconoclastic; she aims always to play as herself.

Percussionist David Stockard is an improviser/composer from Carrickfergus (N.I.), currently living in London (UK.). His musical concerns include a focused self-examination and self-critique (of both the physical self and the psychological self); the synchronisation and de-synchronisation of bodies; minutiae and emergent phenomena; the notion of material, and the need to understand what material is in relation to the self – what material can be; privacy; obession; the deconstruction and redefinition of various forms, figures, and kinetic actions; awkwardness; instability and maintenance; slow-motion; the assiduous occupation of a miniscule space; lies. David Stockard is presently completing an MA in composition at Goldsmith’s College, University of London.

Tom Wheatley is a double bass and electric bass player based in, and native to, London. He plays to open the bass – sonically and physically, musically and surgically. He is actively involved in the new music communities of London and elsewhere, playing with Seymour Wright, Hebronix, Eddie Prévost, John Edwards, Cynthia, Mark Sanders, Guillaume Viltard and many others.

Doors 7:30 / £5 donations

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