‘Look Closer’ by Rita Sarzedas. From 17th to 22nd of September


LOOK CLOSER . An alternative reading of the city.

Private view: 19th from 6.30


Look Closer examines the multiple possibilities of architectural and urban output, through critical and experimental studies. An aesthetic experience across files displayed imaginatively, conceptual strategies, audiovisual emotions and photography.

The show, curated by Rita Sarzedas, provides an insight of Mexico City, a megalopolis full of contradictions and infinite unpredictable possibilities. Grounded in the urban research project, of the architect Rozana Montiel and featuring works by the artists Adriana CarvalhoEduardo Avalos,  João Bento and Pablo Lopez luz.

 Design: Peter Palasthy Production Assistant: Josabete Pinto                                                                                                                                                                            

Rita Sarzedas  (Lisboa 1980)

MA Curatorial Practice Student at Bath Spa University of Art and Design and graduated in Architecture and urbanism by the University of Architecture of Lisbon, Portugal. Rita studied Arts at the Portuguese school of Luanda, Angola where she begins to work in photography and video. During her studies in Portugal, is part of the student’s union cultural section participating in several workshops approaching Architecture to the arts.

For the [+1] graduation year, worked at Siebold Architects, Geneva, Switzerland; In 2009 moves to London and joins Studio Verve Architects and DSWAY art collective; In 2011 joins Dellekamp Architects in Mexico City as communications director and coordinator of social&probono architecture department. Alongside collaborates with the architect Rozana Montiel on her urban research and with the architect João Caeiro in social projects.

Rozana Montiel
(Mexico City 1972)

Graduated in architecture and Urbanism by the Ibero-american University, Mexico City, and Master in architecture: critique and project, by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain.

Founder of Periférica Architectura, an architectural firm with international vision that has developed a solid platform for interdisciplinary research directed to urban development, public space, social architecture, architectural experimentation, and artistic reconceptualization of space.

Receives, in 2009, a grant from Fonca (National Fund for culture) where she starts developing the research featuring this show.



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