Phil Maguire / James Malone / Joe Wright + David O’Connor. Saturday 8th July 7:30

An evening of improvised music. Regular collaborators Phil Maguire, James L. Malone and Joe Wright embark on their debut trio performance. David O’Connor performs a solo saxophone set.

Doors 7:30 | music at 8pm | £5 entry

Phil Maguire (noise & oscillator instrument)
A fiercely experimental electronic musician, improvisor and sound artist. Malfunction permeates his music, utilising sine tone oscillators, noise, found sound, and obsolete audio technology to create intimate, engrossing sonic environments.

James L. Malone (guitar)
James is an improvising guitarist. He has performed around the UK with musicians such as Eddie Prevost, Ute Kanngeisser, Steve Beresford, and Adam Bohman. Regular projects include: Onin (with Joe Wright).

Joe Wright (saxophone & feedback system)
Experimental Saxophonist, Improviser and Electronic Musician. Member of electroacoustic trio duck-rabbit.


David O’Connor (saxophone)
David plays saxophone and flute and intends to continue doing so. Check out a previous solo at Hundred Years:


Max-Louis Raugel

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