‘Making books with things, making things with books’. Laboratoro project. Sunday 19th of May 2013 from 3


“As part of their ‘making books with things, making things with books’ project, Laboratoro presents the Island Man Notebooks of writer Thom Punton.

In 2007 Thom decided to write a 7000 page book about a man who tries to live without human contact. In an attempt to find space to write alone the book was handwritten.

From 3 pm to 6 pm, visitors to the gallery are invited to read the unedited note books. Laboratoro and the author will be present, recording readings, discussing, being inquisitive and curious among the visitors who are invited to do the same and participate.
At 6 pm, Laboratoro, incorporating materials from the book and from the previous 3 hours interaction, will perform in the gallery basement.

Laboratoro brings together the talents of the musician and artist Ed Briggs and the Galician writer performer Xelís de Toro. They create electric, experimental,  performances using the raw materials of words, sound and movement.








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