Ahead Of The Times by Mayuko Yoshida + Evidence of Being by Noela Roibás & Daniel Regan. 22nd-26th October

Mayuko Yoshida uses domestic objects bought in ‘pound shops’ with the determined intention of turn them into art pieces and she does it with pure innocence, directly, without warning and without compromising it to critical concepts, jumping over any ‘aesthetic process and rules’ . These improvised objects overlap into each other as if they were on the shelves of a disorganized warehouse. They seem to stand in front of us arrogantly as asking: What?…am I not Art?…

Mayuko turns ‘inside out’ the Kitch object. She is not interested in subliming it, she presents it with such a clear simplicity that makes us see its extravagant irony, as ‘underprivileged’ objects transformed into art for the ‘underprivileged’.

With the advent of the world wide web and exciting new developments such as social media, we can share a lot of things easily, however as an artist, I always ask myself what role I can play in society and how I can connect with society through art. My desire to share this new exhibition is now my big challenge. I am filled with hope and expectation that this exhibition will  be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

In ‘Evidence Of Being’ the photographers Noela Roibás ( Pontevedra, Spain 1985) and Daniel Regan (London 1985), both graduates from London College of Communication, explore the human capacity to overcome personal adversity through the use of creative tools.

Having being haunted by mental health problems, and by using photography as a mean of expression and communication, both artists have arrived at a similar conclusion: their creativity has helped them to overcome difficulties in their personal lives. Photography has allowed them to truly know themselves from within and to show it to the world without the use of words.

Noela, with the project ’Irmá’, shows the daily life of her family. Her younger sister is affected by a genetic anomaly called Cri du Chat which has left her completely dependent on others. This has made a deep mark in Noela’s life and on her personality. Searching for answers, she created this series of photographs filled with energy, pure tenderness and raw emotion.

Daniel presents his powerful series ‘Insula’, in which he reveals his most painful moments of living with a mental health condition. The work explores his fractured identity through use of the body, places and emotive images that represent some of his darkest hours. ‘Insula’ is as a result of a most brutal journey of introspection.   Unmissable.

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