Ahead Of The Times. An exhibition by Mayuko Yoshida. 21st to 26th of October 2014

Mayuko Yoshida uses domestic objects bought in ‘pound shops’ with the determined intention of turn them into art pieces and she does it with pure innocence, directly, without warning and without compromising it to critical concepts, jumping over any ‘aesthetic process and rules’ .

These improvised objects overlap into each other as if they were on the shelves of a disorganized warehouse. They seem to stand in front of us arrogantly as asking: What?…am I not Art?…

Mayuko turns ‘inside out’ the Kitch object. She is not interested in subliming it, she presents it with such a clear simplicity that makes us see its extravagant irony, as ‘underprivileged’ objects transformed into art for the ‘underprivileged’.

With the advent of the world wide web and exciting new developments such as social media, we can share a lot of things easily, however as an artist, I always ask myself what role I can play in society and how I can connect with society through art. My desire to share this new exhibition is now my big challenge. I am filled with hope and expectation that this exhibition will  be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I draw inspiration from the moment when I feel the beauty of the things we use in our daily lives and I believe that they can help our imagination to make great leaps into a new world. I’m always trying to express a new view of the world by things I had never seen on felt before. This is my favourite way to create works such as drawings, collages, installations, 3D modelling and animation. I experience a lot of things with my five senses. Things I have seen, heard and touched by chance when I have been wandering around London bring me inspiration for my new works.

I strongly believe that my passion for these experiences is the best way to inspire my work.

Private View Thursday October 23rd 6:30

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20141023lowres17Yoshida Mayuko 003w (1024x677)

Interview with the artist Mayuko Yoshido at Hundred Years Gallery October 26 2014. from Mary Lemley on Vimeo.












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