Mervyn Diese : videos and works on canvas

Mervyn Diese is a London born artist working with photography, film, painting and performance. His work reflects his passionate interest in politics and social issues such as homelessness, racism and betterment of the “lower classes”. His involvement with countercultural activities extends back to the 1980`s, when he combined a career as a commercial artist with a passionate engagement with the punk rock scene and the squatting movement.

The artist has been a regular supporter of Hundred Year Gallery over the years since its inception in 2011. He has curated a number of exhibitions at the Gallery that included local artists from the borough and long standing east end practitioners. Today he is returning to his art practice whilst recovering from a brain injury. He has now found the time to develop new ways of expressing himself, conveying his views on current issues connecting to the gentrification of the east end.

Mixing Colours – Obsidian : “We want to ask you to submit a single shot film of a quiet scene; at home, or out the window, or in your garden. Clouds passing, rustling tree leaves, a bird nesting, people conducting activities in the house: quiet moments that we are all enjoying, together, in isolation.” – Roger and Brian Eno

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