‘I’m not dead yet…’ by Mervyn Diese. From 19th to 28th of November

A retrospective exhibition and residency by Mervyn Diese 

‘Having been very ill for the past couple of years my ability to produce new work was somewhat hindered by the fact that I had an injury to my brain. After much care, change of habits, and lifestyle, I decided to celebrate my survival by having a small art show at a local gallery. The show will feature past works, and maybe one or two new unseen pieces. It will cross many disciplines and there will be stuff to buy. For those of you who have been to past shows this is indeed something new. It has been a while coming and is not the rumoured “Three Monkeys” show that I have been working towards since 2005, but will feature some of the work from Three Monkeys as part of a special preview.

‘The title is as it suggests, I have not finished yet. It is about moving forward and returning to the creative works that allow me to express thoughts on the human condition and the way we develop our world. You may not agree with what is expressed, but that is my right as an artist to make comment. This country at this time has seen many hard fought for rights erased by the current Government’s attempts to make life easier for big business. While my work is not strictly about this abuse, it has been provocation for creative works. Politics has always been a fuel. Since my first big solo show back in the 90’s the Tory party and British Government have always given me much to comment on. Almost two decades and wars later little has changed in that respect’.



‘Out Of The Rack’ (ground floor)

Coinciding with ‘I’m Not Dead Yet…’ Hundred Years Gallery is displaying a selection of works by resident artists Jim Sanders, Carlos Gonzalez, Mary Lemley, Antonio Mena, Gerard Osenele Ukpan, Hugo Madureira, Mark Woods and M. Gallego.


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