Moon Ra: ‘Schmooze with a Dotty – a performance about sound intensities…’. Friday 20th of June at 7:30

Moon Ra: Schmooze with a Dotty – a performance about sound intensities and other topics

Sound artist and multi instrumentalist Marie e le Rose began playing the guitar at age 5, later becoming a multi-instrumentalist  playing bass, piano, drums, and flute. Growing up with jazz, classical music and french music, a few years ago she began to be drawn to more electronic sounds.

Influenced by Webern, Berio, Maderna, Nono, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and Terry Reilly, she started to discover sound design and the use of computers and machines for the production and modification of sound. She has released her work with many labels (Forrest Hill Records, No Problema Tapes, Time Released Sound, Laverna, Zamzam Records, Further Records, Chemical Tapes), with many aliases referring to many concepts: Marie e le Rose, Moon Ra, MonoLogue. She has composed music for radio, tv and movies, and sound design for video installation, mapping and many other performances (with: Apparati Effimeri, vIDEA).

Marie e le Rose has performed at many festivals and places: Festival Sons Libérés (Bruxelles), Festival La Centrale (Bordeaux), FreeQ (Genova), MamBO museum (Bologna), Galerie Hus (Paris). Her installations have taken place at: Pecci museum  (Prato), Palazzo Reale (Milano).

She has collaborated with various artists (Giuseppe Cordaro aka con_cetta, with whom she formed the duo called buttinelli.A; Daniele Principato, with whom she formed the duo Rue Analogique 11, Danny Boom). She works with music therapy and as a sound researcher.

 Entry by donation (£5 suggested)

Marie e le Rose
Musician | Composer |Sound Artist and Designer | Music Art Therapist
skypeID: marie.e.le.rose




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