Music : John Edwards / Emil Karlsen / Dominic Lash – Action Theory CD release + Hannah Marshall. Saturday 11th May 19:30

A new take on the classic guitar/bass/drums trio line-up bringing together three generations of improvising musicians. Expect plenty of intensity coupled with a minute attention to detail. This concert is to celebrate the release of their debut album on Lash’s Spoonhunt label.

Hannah Marshall will also be doing a solo cello set

Doors 7.30 | music  8pm | £10 cash

‘When John Edwards plays his double bass, he is extraordinarily engaging. He plucks, tweaks, bows, hits and hums aloud. So engrossed is he that it is difficult to look away. One memorable gig, I overheard a member of the audience say “It’s almost pornographic what he does with that bass.”‘ – Sammy Stein

Dominic Lash used to best known as a double bass player, but he emerged as a guitarist after the 2020 lockdown, during which he “spent his time developing a very interesting and personal approach to electric guitar… Lash uses the Telecaster’s basic yet unique design super-effectively; the biting, percussive nature of the instrument highlighted by the sheer power in his contrabass trained hands” (Paul Khimasia Morgan).

Emil Karlsen is a Norwegian improvising drummer currently based in the UK. Described as a “significant addition to the UK free jazz scene” and an “exceptional improv drummer”, he’s established himself on the improvised music circuit working the span from free improvisation to free jazz. Recently, Emil has been behind the relaunch of the historically important Bead label.

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