Music : Alchemy (Duy Luong, Fabian Neubauer, Pablo Liebhaber + Franco Consales). Saturday 18th November 19:30

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | £8 cash

Luong/Neubauer/Liebhaber are Fabian Neubauer (piano, electronics, comp.), Duy Luong (double bass, electronics, comp.) and Pablo Liebhaber (drums, comp.). Their open-minded sense of music unites improvisation with original and compositional ideas in a pulsating, kinetic way. By combining acoustic instruments and sounds with electronic ones, they create trance-like, abstract soundscapes in which they interweave the sketchy compositions constantly in a new and fresh way. Inspired by a variety of musical fields such as jazz, electronic music and traditional music from all over the world they develop their own ex- and impressionistic sensitive sound language. Since 2017, the three musicians, who met in Essen, have played numerous concerts throughout Germany. In May 2022, the debut album “Tales” was released on the London label Leo Records. The second Album “Movement” has been released on Bandcamp in January 2023.

Franco Consales is originally from Sicily. He has lived and worked in London since 2012. He works with digital and analogue techniques and produces Super 8 films. His work focuses on self-developed material. His films are shown at live events with projectors that allow him to change the speed of the projection.
Festival participations:
2016 – Next move (digital) wins competition at the London Documentary Network.
2020 – Ustica (super 8) is semi-finalist at the Engauge Experimental Film Festival in Seattle.
2021 – Rocking Afternoon (super 8) and Meditation about the meaning of life (8mm) are presented at the8fest Small-Gauge Film Festival in Toronto.
2022 – Meditation about the meaning of life (8mm) is selected by Persian Exp Film Fest

ALCHEMY (Duy Luong, Fabian Neubauer, Pablo Liebhaber + Franco Consales) is a collaboration project between German trio Luong/Neubauer/Liebhaber with London based filmmaker Franco Consales. The project was born from the intersection of images with sounds. The underlying theme of the project is the exploration of the infinite and uncontrolled possibilities of existence. The band performs while the three analog projectors show films that focus on abstract landscapes, everyday life and nature shots. It is an audiovisual experience about transformation, alchemy, evolution, and the search for the invisible.

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