Music : Babble & Squeak V. Sunday 12th September 15:30

‘The fifth incarnation of Babble & Squeak is dedicated to the late John Russell, a mentor and fellow journeyman to many who perform today. Expect raucous shenanigans, unexpected joy and an out and out celebration of improvised music. In this time of darkness Babble & Squeak celebrates light and life.’

Doors 15:30 | music 16:00 | entry £5

Music by Chris Hill, Phil Durrant, Sam Enthoven, Jordan Muscatello, John Eyles, Matt Atkins, Alan Newcombe, James O’Sullivan, Andrew Ciccone, Hywel Jones, Tarik Haskic, Adam Kinsey, Ed Shipsey, Dave Fowler, Tony James Morton, Kostas Chondros

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