Music : Beckett Meets Godzilla. Sunday 26th November 15:30

An afternoon session of poetry & improvised music
Doors 3.30 | music 4.00pm | £15 Buy here

Steve Edwards – saxophone
Steve Edwards (SteveKS20) is a saxophonist, composer & arranger focusing on jazz & improvised music and dedicated to creating original compositions. Steve is founder of Playstreet Music and was born and raised in Ladbroke Grove, West London, W11 of Dominican parents. Playstreet Music aims to foster a positive environment and create opportunities for older musicians and creatives in the spirit of community and shared storytelling through music. Steve is also a specialist woodwind restorer.

Steve is proud to present the lineup for this Sunday afternoon event at Hundred Years Gallery featuring an eclectic mix of talent that will be sure to create something both surprising and exciting.

Peter Marinker – actor
Peter’s well recognised career spanning stage, film acting and voiceovers from audio books to anime movies cannot be encapsulated in a single paragraph. (Steve, as a huge Judge Dredd fan, is probably most excited by Peter’s acting role of Judge Carlos Esposito in the 1995 movie). Peter is also well known for his association with publisher John Calder and the works of Samuel Beckett.  Peter is a prolific talent whose work with Steve formed the nucleus for this event.

Alan Weekes – guitar
Alan Weekes’s guitar style has been an important part of the international and local (UK) music scene since 1975. In the early eighties he was involved with the British reggae scene and has recording credits as a session artist with music legends Art Blakey, Jimmy Cliff, Jazz Jamaica, Damian Marley, Jackie Mitto, Courtney Pine, Ernest Raglin and more. Alan is a graduate of the Guildhall and has featured at many prestigious festivals and concert venues worldwide.

Steve Noble – drums
Steve Noble is a fearless and inventive improviser, studied with Elkan Ogunde (a Nigerian master drummer) and was also a member Rip Rig and Panic in the 1980s to name just a few. Steve has toured extensively throughout Europe, the UK, Africa and US. Steve has  been heavily involved in improvised music through his work with many musicians and currently leads the groups N.E.W (with John Edwards and Alex Ward) and DECOY (with John Edwards and Alexander Hawkins).

Mirko Scarcia – bass
Mirko is a dynamic bass and double bass player whose taste runs from progressive rock, jazz to classic music. He has worked with many well known Italian artists as well as the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bologna and has collaborated with some of the most important icons of Italian music such as Gaetano Curreri, Luca Carboni and Marco Masini. Mirko studied double bass at the Modena Conservatoire of Classical Music in Bologna, and classical and modern music composition at the National Conservatoire Arrigo Boito in Parma.

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