Music : Computer Music Research Society. Friday 31st March 19:30

Benjamin Whateley
Benjamin Whateley… Is pasting naive synthetic sound onto granular reconstructions, of music likely first heard in the back seats of the ODEON.
Synthesis not sound design, physical modelling starts with the body.

Ren Shang & Zheng Hao
Zheng Hao and Ren Shang are two artists from China, currently-based in London, UK. Their music as Oishi is a playful, joyful, and at points absurdist exploration through musique concrete, diaristic field recordings and digitally augmented realities. On this night they will not be Oishi.

simultaneous cornfield sightseer (urbana, IL) and machine learner (london, UK) whose interest centers on both shattering and probing perceptive thresholds.

W K Werkowicz
A key puncher from Pruszków, Poland. Enjoys repetition, alternating currents, cursed dimensionalities, crude algorithms and Source Engine.

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