Music : Cos Chapman // live electronics and open drawing session. Sunday 17th December 15:30

Continuing a new monthly residency mixing live electronic improvisation and an open drawing session –  free entry, everybody welcome –  bring your own drawing materials.

Doors 3pm, session between 3.30 – 6pm. free

Cos Chapman plays music and makes odd sounds using electronics and found objects, self-made acoustic and electronic instruments.

Playing solo he uses contact microphones, guitar pickups and electronics processed through effects units; some modified, some home made. He has performed live improvised and composed electro-acoustics, creating sound design for dance, installation, theatre and film.

He also plays a more conventional style guitar in swamp-blues, psychedelic-cabaret and post-punk band Rude Mechanicals, as well as for Alternative TV, Jowe Head’s Infernal Contraption, Anne Pigalle, SPeW, and The Unreliable Witnesses.

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