Music : Cooper/Edwards/Roche + de.type.inconnu (Pohu/Tremblay). Sunday 30th June 15:30

Doors 3.30 | music 4pm | £10 cash

Jack Cooper, guitar
John Edwards, bass
Heather Roche, clarinet

Sylvain Pohu, guitar+laptop
P.A. Tremblay, bass+laptop

The Cooper/Edwards/Roche trio performs for the first time this afternoon, yet its members need no introduction! Fierce double-bass explorer John Edwards joins experimental guitarist John Cooper and contemporary clarinet maverick Heather Roche in a set that promises extraordinary fiery and explorative free improvised music.

Celebrating the release of their third album on Elli Records, ‘de type inconnu’, the duet of Sylvain Pohu and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, will improvise a set, from noisy to melancholic, from meditative to euphoric. A music built on a deep alliance, a union strong of thirty years of joint playing, despite the 5000 km that separates the two friends for the last decades.

listen here

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