Music : Oishi + Dekunobo – twin album release concert. Saturday 5th August 18:00

Continuing our afternoon of CD release concerts Oishi and Dekunobo join forces for the launch of their DEKUNOBO / DEKUNOBOO albums.

This performance will follow on from Mark Wastell’s solo residency (and release of the Pre-Existing Commitments CD) after a 30 minute intermission.
Oishi live from 6pm | £5 entry or donation

Ren Shang
: vocals, electronics, etc.
Zheng Hao: electronics, laptop, pedals, mixing board

Keisuke Matsui
: guitar, ‘cello, pedals, objects
Graham MacKeachan : double bass, plastics

Oishi are a hardware/ software electronic improvisation duo by Ren Shang and Zheng Hao from China, using samples from their own materials, field recordings, lives, etc. Set up includes mixers, laptops, cassette players. Slightly different or very different every time.

On their debut album, ‘once upon a time there was a mountain’, Oishi used warped tape loops, field recordings and digital manipulation to explore how everyday sounds can carry unexpected paths of expression and meaning.

Dekunobo are Japanese ‘cellist/guitarist Keisuke Matsui and UK double bassist Graham MacKeachan. We’re big fans of Oishi and asked them to make an album reusing multi-stem recordings from our Dekunobo sessions. The result is DEKUNOBOO, not a remix but a reconstruction, the sound of Oishi dragging out the guts of the original.

In a rare live appearance Dekunobo will join Oishi for the second half of the evening.

“I have been very happy to work with Oishi – they often work with frequencies I can no longer hear” ~ G. MacKeachan

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