Music : Loz Speyer’s Double Trouble Trio w/ Twins. Saturday 12th February 19:30

Loz Speyer & Charlotte Keefe – trumpet/flugelhorn
David Leahy & Marcio Mattos – double bass
Andrew Lisle – drums

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £8

Tonight’s gig follows on from another one with the same unusual instrumentation, that took place exactly ten years ago at Cafe Oto, organised by bassist Guillaume Viltard – with himself and David Leahy on basses, Loz Speyer and Jim Dvorak on trumpets, and the great Tony Marsh on drums. Only a few weeks later Tony sadly departed this world – so that gig was for most of us, maybe all of us, our last one with him.

Marking this anniversary, next month sees the online release of “Open Territory” – a set of trio recordings by Loz Speyer, Tony Marsh and bassist Olly Blanchflower – a group called FreeTrio that never played to a live audience but met at Loz’s place over a period of three years 2009-11 and recorded everything – all the music collectively improvised, nothing pre-composed. It’s here: – and in a little while there should be a CD

Now there’s a lot of space between a bass and a trumpet, even with the drums to harmonise – so it’s a really cool idea to take that elemental Trio line-up and double the basses and trumpets. It allows us to keep that big open space, while also combining in many more and various ways – and to blur the lines that usually distinguish who is doing what, to unload some of the responsibility off of individual soloists and egos, and bounce off each other more closely and freely than ever.

Tonight’s team have worked/played together before in various other combinations from duos and trios to larger groups such as David Leahy’s Musicians in Space, and the London Improvisers Orchestra. Let’s see what happens on this long awaited night of “Double Trouble” – and look out for the next installment!



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