Music : Phil Durrant & Neil Metcalfe + Dee Byrne & Cath Roberts. Friday 3rd November 19:30

Two duos: Phil Durrant & Neil Metcalfe + Dee Byrne & Cath Roberts.

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | £10 cash

Phil Durrant and Neil Metcalfe have worked/played together sporadically since the 1980s, mostly in larger groups/ensembles such as the London Improvisers Orchestra.  This includes ‘freedom of the city 2001 large groups’ released on Emanem in 2002. This is their second duo outing in 2023, the first being at Flim Flam in July. Phil Durrant will play octave mandola and Neil Metcalfe will play flute.

Dee Byrne and Cath Roberts have worked together in various contexts since 2013. Together they have organised live performances, tours and festivals under the banner of LUME, co-running their record label Luminous and playing together in numerous projects – including the UK/Swiss sextet MoonMot.

In 2019 they started performing as a duo on alto and baritone saxophone. That year they recorded their first release ‘Disembarki’ that was subsequently released on Luminous in 2020. Their 2023 tour saw concerts with Dee adding electronics to process her saxophone and Cath Roberts, doing one show, just with electronics. Future concerts – including this one – could be entirely acoustic, entirely electric, or electro acoustic.


full info coming up …

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