Music : For At Least Two Players: FLXNFLX & James M Creed. Wednesday 29th May 18:30

flxnflx (pronounced flux in flux) is an experimental music duo made up of composer/performers Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser and James McIlwrath. Their work is predominantly improvised and explores queering processes, describing things and generating material to respond to through improvisation. since forming in 2020 they’ve welcomed collaborations with composers, ensembles and arts organisations and have worked with Kirkos Ensemble, Ben Nobuto, Lucy Havelock (2023) and the Arc Project (2021 – 2023), and have presented work/research at Convergence music and technology Conference 2022, and Parallax Symposium 2021 and was in residence with Kirkos Ensemble in 2022.

James M. Creed is composer and guitarist based in Leeds. His recent music is concerned with simple materials, even simpler processes, unfixed structures, clowning, and experimental notations–these elements balance to varying degrees in any given piece but are usually all present. More generally his music also tends to be quiet and slow, without the need for much rehearsal or training. James’s music has been featured at Co-Incidence Festival (USA, 2021, 2022, 2023), Klangraum (Germany, 2022), released by Sawyer Editions (USA), NCTMMRN (Australia) and NX Records (UK), and James was an invited artist-in-residence for the state of Lower Austria throughout October 2022.

+ Sunroom:

Doors 6.30 | music 7pm | £10

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