Music : Georgina Brett, Cos Chapman and Friends with special guest Plink Plonk, Meow, Meow, Meow. Sunday 9th June 15:30

Georgina Brett and Cos Chapman will be performing a solo set each, then collaborating for the first time as a duo. They plan to be joined by friends for experimental improvised sounds and electronica.

Doors 3.30 | music 4pm | £10 cash

Georgina Brett is a composer and event organiser. After studying an MA in Electroacoustic composition under Jonty Harrison she went on to produce cd’s of binaural recordings from eco-festivals. In 2003 she began making vocal live-looping collages/improvisations/compositions and has composed many albums exploring a range of ideas and musical challenges for mono-choir. She began Tuesdays Post : Live Progressive Ambient in 2012 to promote artists creating music on the cusp of electro-acoustic and ambient styles. Having gained a fascination for surround sound spatial music at undergraduate level she has curated a number of multispeaker concerts in London over the years. Since 2017 Georgina has enjoyed performing live vocal-looping and on the oboe in improvised music ensembles, including many duos and trios at various London arthouse venues and performing in The London Improvisers Orchestra.

What does Chat GPT have to say about Cos Chapman?
Cos Chapman is a London-based musician, sound artist, and educator renowned for his diverse creative pursuits. With a background bridging science and the arts, Cos’s musical journey is marked by innovation and collaboration. Currently Artist in Residence at Hundred Years Gallery he has been performing each month with The Librarian creating soundscapes for communal drawing. Each performance lasts 60 to 90 minutes and each has been quite different, using different equipment, and employing self made instruments and electronics. Cos delves into improvised electro-acoustics, crafting soundscapes for dance, theatre, installations, and film. Noteworthy projects include Lingering Games, LAMP and Rockinghorse pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation and cross artform collaboration.  As a co-founder of Rude Mechanicals, Cos also explores a fusion of more regular music genres, spanning swamp-blues, psychedelic-cabaret and post-punk. He has also curated events like Witch of The Gate and Open Jack, as well as local radio show ‘Cos Play’ providing platforms for experimental music and mixed art-form evenings.

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