Music : Grassy Noel & APE’s Solstice Saturnalian Salutations & Celebrations. Sunday 19th December 18:30

Grassy Noel & APE with very special guests Blabbermouth invite you to come join us for an evening of Musical Improvisations, Vocalisations, Saturnalian Revelry at Hundred Years Gallery to Celebrate The Solstice and The Return of Light.

Grassy Noel Macken (voice, text), Mike Walter (saxophone), Mark Rathmell (ipad symphonia) and Keisuke Matsui (electric guitar, ‘cello, objects)

+ Blabbermouth :

Lu Edmonds (cümbüs, effects) and Mark Roberts (percussion)

Doors 4pm | music from 6:30 | entry £5 donation

Photography – Junko Rathmell

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