Music : Grassy Noel & APE – passing through the portals. Sunday 20th June 16:00

Celebrating the Summer Solstice with the return of Grassy Noel & APE in a afternoon of vocalisations, musical improvisations and invocations.

Noel Grassy Macken – words and vocalisations

Big Mike Walter – saxophone

Mark Rathmell – symphonic sounds on ipad

Keisuke Matsui – guitar, electric ‘cello, electronics

“Grassy Noel & APE’s album TemPestuous Times has a real quality in the unique sonic montage achieved. The soul of our age teems out of TemPestuous Times – Jazz, Poetry, Sonic Cinema, Theatre. TemPestuous Times is here to listen to and take heed of as a vital commentary on our world, the only one we have.”
Chris Searle – Morning Star

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £5 donation

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