Music : Chris Hill / Alan Newcombe / Mirei Ya / Tarik Haskic / Hywel Jones / Bettina Schroeder. Sunday 15th May 15:30

Why not join Chris Hill (clarinet, tapes, objects), Alan Newcombe (saxophones), Tarik Haskic (modular synths, objects), Hywel Jones (euphonium), Bettina Schroeder (electric ukelele) and Mirei Ya (trumpet, objects, dance) for an afternoon of improvised acoustic and synthetic sounds.

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £5 cash

The afternoon will consist of two trios and a sextet performance.

The players are all active on the improvisation and sound art scene and regular players at Skronk, the London Improvisers Orchestra, Babble&Squeak, MOWO, the Murmurists and the Eddie Prevost Workshop as well as published performers in their own right.

Through performance, collaboration and the shared joy of spontaneous composition we believe that the sum of the parts remains greater than the whole.

If you enjoy improvised music and would like to collaborate in future please feel free to contact Chris Hill at

Recordings may also be found at

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