Music : Water Dragon Temple + Bianco Li/ Marco Marotta/ Buchuan Zheng + Lao San Yang. Saturday 27th January 19:30

7:30pm Water Dragon Temple-Album Tour, 8:15pm Bianco Li/ Marco Marotta/ Buchuan Zheng, 9:00pm Lao San Yang

Lao San Yang: Bianco Li (voice, multi-instruments),  Zhuyang Liu (guzheng), Corey Lyu (voice, percussion)
Water Dragon Temple: Paul Chenour (flutes) and Zhuyang Liu (guzheng)
Trio : Bianco Li (voice), Marco Marotta (saxophone) and Buchuan Zheng (guitar)

Doors 7.00 | performance 7.30 | £15 cash on the door
Advance tickets via eventbrite

Water Dragon Temple : Paul Cheneour (flutes) and Zhuyang Liu (guzheng)
‘Europe and China being held together by a musical bond. Wide grassy steppes, snowcapped mountains, deserts, a solitary bird flying free into clear skies of the deepest blue. ‘-reviewed by Geoffrey Totton
A group of intrepid pilgrims, purging their impurities, are setting out on a quest to discover the Water Dragon Temple deep in the hinterland of an ancient region of old China. They believe the forest path near the tea house is the start point for this illustrious calling. Armed with essential materials, blue butterflies, and spring lanterns they pass waterfalls, stepping lightly through the dawn mist near the rainbow windmill. Watched only by the unseen owls they follow the meandering silver river. Suddenly they hear the call and now seeing with clear eyes finally arrive at a willing surrender, celebrating together by flying carp kites towards the paper moon. Paul Cheneour and Zhuyang Liu together have created a space full of colour, dynamism, and expression with a
rich tapestry of sounds that illuminates both outer and inner magical landscapes

Bianco Li (voice), Marco Marotta (saxophone) and Buchuan Zheng (guitar) : A new trio delves into impromptu possibilities under framework of jazz and new music, celebrating composers like Billy Strayhorn, Gabor Szabo, Takeo Moriyama and originals.

Lao San Yang is an experimental collective of three London-based Chinese independent artists Bianco Li, Corey Lyu, Zhuyang Liu. Founded 2022. During their own art practices, the first musical encounter was a spark of mutual interests and similar cultural backgrounds. The group explores impromptu possibilities within free improvisation, folk songs, Chinese opera, myths, spoken words, cross-media narration in a contemporary context. But sometimes you’ll find them bringing retooled instruments, electronics and fictions onto the stage like soap opera…


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