Music: Sue Lynch, Dave Fowler, Noah Berrie & Douglas Benford. Sunday 8th October 15:30

Live quartet improvisation:

Sue Lynch – saxophone
Dave Fowler – drums
Noah Berrie – violin
Douglas Benford – harmonium/objects

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | £5/8 donation at the door

Sue Lynch
Tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute and composition. Sue Lynch currently runs ‘The Horse Improvised Music Club’ with Adam Bohman, Hutch Demouilpied and Adrian Northover. Has performed with Adam Bohman, Eddie Prevost, Anna Homler, Richard Sanderson, Steve Noble, Crystabel Riley, Caroline Kraabel and Sharon Gal. Currently performs with the Psychedelic Afro Beat Sudanese band ‘The Scorpios’. In 2016 she formed, ‘Paradise Yard’, an electro acoustic ensemble, featuring women improvisers, performing at Iklectik, Cafe Oto and The ICA. In 2018,she performed at 3 Klange Tag Music &Word Festival, Switzerland with Hildegard Kleeb, at Womad BBC Stage and, Tusk Festival and Guess Who Festival with The Scorpios. Solo performance at Pied Nu Festival, Le Havre 2019. Recent releases with FMR records with ‘Dial’, a quartet featuring, Sue Lynch, Dawid  Frydyk, John Edwards and Dave Fowler and ‘Secant/Tangent’ (dxdy recordings) with Crystabel Riley and Nathan Moore.

Noah Berrie
Noah Berrie is a composer, performer, and sound artist from New York. He is currently in residence at Sarabande Foundation in London and recently received his MA at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford. A classically trained violinist, his work explores the perceptual and spatial subtleties of sound. His practice spans multichannel audio, audiovisual work, sound installations, instrument building, improvisation, and score-based composition.

Dave Fowler
Drummer Dave Fowler  musical associates include Jim Dvorak, Alan Wilkinson, Roberto Bellatalla, Harrison Smith, Neil Metcalfe, Elton Dean, Maggie Nicols, Jerry Wigens, Sue Lynch, London Improvisers Orchestra, Yabasta, The Glowering Figs, Jim Dvorak, John Grieve, Marcio Mattos, Neil Metcalfe, Phil Minton, Julia Doyle, Ntshuks Bonga, the Porkestra – the list is endless. He is one of the finest, most responsive, dynamic, listening drummers out there, but far too busy playing and enjoying music to maintain an online presence!

Douglas Benford
Douglas Benford, composer and sound artist, has been involved in various audio genres since the late 1980s, performing at institutions in the UK (Bristol’s Arnolfini, London’s Science Museum, Tate Modern, The Roundhouse, ICA and Glasgow’s CCA), festivals worldwide (Mutek, Synch, Transmediale) and has had installation work in numerous UK galleries (London, Swansea, Stroud and Essex). After numerous electronica releases in his ‘si-cut.db’ guise, in the past decade he has focused on acoustic improvisation and installations, using field recordings, classical instruments, vocals and children’s toys. As well as playing with the London Improvisers Orchestra and Confront Recordings / Mark Wastell’s The Seen collective, his regular collaborators include Blanca Regina, poet Tamar Yoseloff, Angharad Davies, Lina Lapelyte, Clive Bell, Steve Beresford, Sue Lynch, Adam Bohman, Jem Finer, sculptor Rob Olins, as well as – in the past – pop group Saint Etienne, Momus, Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light), Scanner, Stephan Mathieu and DJ Andrew Weatherall. He was also co-curator with Iris Garrelfs of the long running Sprawl audio events, established in 1996, in London.

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