Music : Mark Wastell : ‘Cello Intern // solo cello residency part XIV. Saturday 4th March 16:30

Mark Wastell : Cello-Intern // solo cello residency continues into 2023 on the first Saturday of every month.

No pressure. This is not a gig. To play regardless of whatever else is going on in the space.
Develop a new method. Sounds. Movement. Make mistakes. Listen. Learn. Leave.

Mark Wastell – violoncello

Observers welcome 4.30 – 5.30pm

“Wastell proves quickly that he may possibly be one of the most technically proficient and daring cellists on the planet.” (Steve Smith)

“Mark Wastell digs into his cello body with the end of his bow and leaves a white scar; his playing sears the memory likewise.” (Ben Watson)

Mark Wastell : Cello-Intern Solos
is out now on Confront Recordings :


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