Music : Matinee 1 (film + improv = filmprov). Sunday 14th November 15:30

Matinee 1 will feature the improvised musical responses to a variety of filmic material that has been authored, found and discarded, or simply purloined from the ether.

If you like game show hosts, ventriloquists’ dummies and flesh-eating wasps then you should probably pop along.

“If I was involved in improvised music and cinematic bricloage and still alive I would definitely attend.” – Sir Bruce Forsyth

The Matinee Players will include on this occasion no less than – Andrew Ciccone, Chris Hill, Ed Shipsey, Alec Kronacker, Sam Enthoven and Jordan Muscatello (more players to be announced).

Door 3:30 | performances 4pm | entry £5

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