Music : MRM presents Hume & May / Blanc Sceol / Paul Khimasia Morgan. Saturday 21st May 19:30

Matt Atkins‘ Minimal Resource Manipulation label presents three sets by associated artists –  Hume & May / Blanc Sceol / Paul Khimasia Morgan
This event is part of the ‘eoliths’ exhibition.

Doors 7pm | music 7:30 | entry £5 cash

Hume & May
Paul May
and Carolyn Hume have been playing and recording together for over 20 years. They have released 6 critically acclaimed albums on Leo Records as a duo. Hume and May create potent ambient atmospheres moving from minimalist sci-fi to rhythmic landscapes reaching for the unspoken depths.

Blanc Sceol
Stephen Shiell and Hannah White are artist duo Blanc Sceol. Their compositions, interventions and performances express their experience of place, anchored in what is found in a landscape but re-imagined into new territories. They create encounters to connect both materially and energetically to their surroundings. They are certified Deep Listening® practitioners and regularly run workshops and sound walks exploring listening and sound making in public spaces. They have worked with a variety of and experimental platforms such as Anti-university, Fort Process, We’re All Bats, MIA festival and Art’s Birthday and cultural institutions such as Ashmolean Museum, The Royal Academy, Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe and Oxford Contemporary Music. In 2018 they established Surge Cooperative, a collaborative effort to benevolently occupy the Channelsea river in London. Their research seeks to live with, listen with and act with this vital living system, finding new ways to tackle problems of neglect and misuse whilst navigating ancient acts of parliament and institutional backwaters to fight for the protection of this waterway.

Paul Khimasia Morgan
Paul Khimasia Morgan
is an improvisor who uses an amplified acoustic guitar body.  He has performed in regular and ad-hoc groupings with Steve Beresford and Blanca Regina, Cristián Alvear, Richard Sanderson, Jason Kahn, Simon Whetham, Seth Cooke, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Ryu Hankil, Charlotte Keefe and Mark Wastell’s THE SEEN.  His Aural Detritus imprint released his latest cd; The Phantom Sunrise  – a collaboration with Steve Beresford, Blanca Regina and Richard Sanderson and the compilation The Joy Of Isolation – a sonic artefact to accompany the JOY exhibition at The Ceramic House in Brighton – to which he contributed his piece Imaginary Duet.

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