Music : N.O. Moore & John Butcher. Saturday 27th November 19:30

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | entry £5 or more

John Butcher is an internationally recognised saxophonist and improviser.  NO Moore is an improvising electric guitarist who uses effects.  This will be their first duo performance.

N.O. Moore is an electric guitarist with a parallel interest in electronics and drum machines. As an improviser, he has played with people such as Eddie Prévost, John Butcher, Rachel Musson, John Edwards, Sue Lynch, Alan Wilkinson, Steve Noble, and Steve Beresford. He can be heard on a number of recordings, including ‘Nous’ (with Prévost and Jason Yarde) on Matchless, and ‘The Secret Handshake with Danger’ (with Henry Kaiser, Binker Golding, Olie Brice, and Prévost) on 577. He has recently launched the DXDY Recordings label to present improvised and electronic musics.
Moore is interested in the relationship between automation and autonomy, and how this affords fabrications of human sensibility and affect. His first album of purely electronic music will be released by Orbit577 later in 2021.

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