Music : Peter Nagle / Jonny Martin / Emily Shapiro / Keisuke Matsui. Sunday 8th May 15:30

Peter Nagle – ‘cello, electronics
Jonny Martin – flugelhorn, electronics
Emily Shapiro – bass clarinet
Keisuke Matsui – electric guitar, ‘cello

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £8 /£5 cash

Peter Nagle is a composer, musician and sonic artist based in London. His work explores the spectrum between the musical, sonic and conceptual arts, embracing  elements of improvisation, alternative tunings, drones, loops and electronica, as well as fine art and movement-based practices. He performs regularly both solo and in collaboration with artists including Douglas Benford, Steve Beresford,  Angharad Davies, Irene Fiordilino, Jonny Martin, Tansy Spinks, Megan Steinberg, Gwendolyn Kassenaar, Rahel Kraft , Rahel Vonmoos and Claire Zakiewicz. Recent works include his album An Equal and Opposite Reaction, the duo project Rising of the Lights with Jonny Martin, and the soundtrack for Scirocco Dance Theatre Company’s Invisible Cities.

Jonny Martin : piano to trumpet to double bass and bass guitar, to 7-string bass guitar with effects, back to trumpet with added flugelhorn and effects. From classical to jazz and soul, to indie to experimental/drone/free improvised and whatever this is now.

Emily Shapiro is a bass clarinet and clarinet player dedicated to exploring and creating new music. Originally from Canada, Emily pursued her studies across the country, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Academy of Music, Concordia University and the Domaine Forget academy. She has had many incredible teachers, most notably Lori Freedman in Montreal. Emily has a special love for the sound and scope of bass instruments and constantly pushes the limits of what she can do on bass clarinet. Alongside performing contemporary music on bass clarinet, Emily is involved in composing and improvising, and she has been an active performer of Balinese gamelan for 10 years and has also explored jazz and electroacoustics.

Keisuke Matsui was born in Kyoto, Japan and now lives and works in London, he performs on electric guitar, ‘cello, electronics, objects on albums with other central figures in the British experimental music scene. Matusi has also performed with and released numerous albums with other prominent artists


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