Music : Oceans of Silver and Blood + Henrik Rylander. Friday 13th May 19:30

Oceans of Silver and Blood
Joachim Nordwall : analogue synth, tapes
Mark Wastell : 32” paiste tam tam, 21” chinese wind gong, oscillator, spring reverb

‘Oceans of Silver and Blood’s music is grounded in the dark environs of the underworld, in the shaded caverns weaker men fear to tread. The solid mass of their throbbing, pulse driven passages asks only of the listener a sense of surrender …. and a total submergence into the deep waters of Oceans of Silver and Blood.’

‘Like staring at the sun for too long.’
Henrik Rylander : electronics

Doors 19:30 | music 20:00 | entry £10
(which includes complimentary Acetate CD)






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