Music : Ootputs presents: The Tuning Of Soils EP Launch. Friday 19th January 19:30

But then they turned ever so slightly to get a glimpse. The sea was a moody green and the skies set to an eerie black. Dark clouds condemn the sins for which we could not, and the perpetual light of the world shone no more. Where do we go from these lacklustre scenes? What remains amongst the rubble? – what was once trees, life, civilisations, beings. It’s unholy to think, it wasn’t enough to dream. We had to drive full force until we saw them all bleed.

The Tuning of Soils is a five-track EP by Joseph Sergi (@moctols_). It focuses on themes of mineral extraction, environmental disruption, and the geo-politics surrounding these events. Taking inspiration from speculative sci-fi and dystopia, as well as current mining practices in places such as Australia, South America, and Central Africa, the EP imagines a world in which technological development has led the human race to exploit other planets in the solar system in order to maintain and expand its industrial activities.

This EP launch will include an audio–visual performance of the release material and further performances from Alex Goodall (@pecheinterdite) and Spencer (@seulpeunapple).

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