Music : James O’Sullivan / Paul May / Alan Newcombe. Saturday 15th October 19:30

Paul May is one of the most respected drummers on the improvising circuit. His CV includes work with the likes of Alexander Hawkins, Petra Jean Phillipson, Tim Hodgkinson, Klaus Filip and Matthias Eick, as well as electro-acoustic improvisers Sonnamble and the improv trios Elvers (with trumpeter Ian R Watson) and Found Drowned (with guitarist James O’Sullivan). He was also responsible for co-founding the critically acclaimed spiritual jazz collective Woven Entity alongside Lascelle Gordon and Patrick Dawes.

James O’Sullivan
James O’Sullivan is a London- based experimental guitar player and improvisor who employs a playful but meticulous approach to the instrument through the bringing-together of physicality, resonance, detail and dynamics. He seeks to co-create a rich, layered and engaging music that entwines the excitement of the moment with a creative, focused exploration, so as to shape an enduring document of the guitar’s potential.
His interest in improvisation, recording and performance has led him to record and perform across the UK and internationally, both solo and with numerous improvised music groups. More longstanding arrangements include Muster, a duo with Dan Powell (electronics), a duo with Paul May (percussionist), the improvising trio Found Drowned, and a string of collaborative releases on the Aural Terrains imprint. His debut solo album, feed back couple, was released in 2011; his second solo album, IL Y A, in 2017. He is also an attendee of Eddie Prévost‘s London Bridge improvisational workshop since 2005.

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | entry £8 cash

This concert will also be a launch of the debut duo album by May/ O’Sullivan: Prison Analogies, out on Matt Atkins’ MRM label.
Paul and James will be joined by special guest, saxophonist Alan Newcombe.

Alan Newcombe
Alan was a member of the London Musicians Collective in the mid 80’s. He was part of a fluid  grouping  of  collaborators over a ten-year period playing  uncategorisable genres combining  jazz,  electro, improv chamber music- always  spontaneous without rehearsal. Performances included definitely the last free improv gig in Railton Road  before the Brixton riots. In the past  few years, he returned to live playing and  has been involved in MOWO, the Skronk sessions, the London Improvisation Workshop, Babble and Squeak, No Computers  and Desire Lines . Recent gigs this year include a sextet – with  Bettina Schroeder,  Mirei Ya, Tarik Haskic,  Hywel Jones and  Chris Hill – the Apocalypse Jazz Unit   – both at the Hundred Years Gallery –  as well as  a duo with Keisuke Matsui, and a trio with Dave Fowler and Jordan Muscatello – both  at New River Studios.

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