Music : Pascal Marzan / Neil Metcalfe / Roger Turner. Sunday 3rd April 15:30

Pascal Marzan (10 string guitar), Neil Metcalfe (flute) and Roger Turner (drums, percussion)

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £8 cash

Pascal Marzan is a classically trained improvising musician based in London. After studying classical guitar mainly devoted to the twentieth century repertoire and teaching guitar in several music schools of Budapest in Hungary and France, he is dedicated to free improvisation. His playing has been influenced by his interest in the folk musics of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. His approach to the guitar is characterized by the search for new sounds including three distinct modes of play : prepared (cutter, knitting needles, metal cylinders, friction, mutes, bottleneck) – for indefinable sounds and sounds of cimbalom, gamelan gongs, koto – as well as flamenco technique (rasgueados and golpes) and classical technique of the twentieth century repertoire.

Roger Turner has been working as an improvising drummer-percussionist since the early 1970’s, collaborating in numerous international established and ad hoc configurations. He remains one of those players who have collectively redefined the language of contemporary percussion. Solo work, intense acoustic duo collaborations, work with electro-acoustic ensembles & open–form song, extensive work with dance and visual artists, plus specific jazz-based ensembles have brought collaborations with many of the most interesting european & international musicians and performers from Annette Peacock to Phil Minton, Cecil Taylor to Yuji Takahashi, Charles Gayle to Lol Coxhill, Derek Bailey to Otomo Yoshihide, Alan Silva to Keith Rowe, Josef Nadj to Min Tanaka, Toshinori Kondo to Roy Campbell, etc. etc. He has toured and played concerts worldwide from Sydney to the Arctic, Tokyo to Belfast, New York to Beirut, Sao Paulo to Auckland.

Free improvising flutist Neil Metcalf is ubiquitous on the London music scene. He has recorded and performed with Evan Parker Octet, London Improvisers Orchestra, Paul Rogers Freedom Orchestra, The Dedication Orchestra, The Intuitive Art Ensemble, Perroflauta, The Paul Dunmall Nonet, Transatlantic Art Ensemble and many other groups and formations.

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