Music : Raw Tonk Records at Hundred Years Gallery : Dominic Lash / Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle. Saturday 11th June 19:30

Dominic Lash – bass
Colin Webster – saxophone
Andrew Lisle – drums

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £8 cash

Despite being three of the UK’s most active improvising musicians, Dominic Lash, Colin Webster, and Andrew Lisle have never played together as a trio before. First meetings can often throw up the unexpected, and be equally illuminating and exhilarating.

Dominic Lash is a freely improvising double bassist and electric guitarist who the Free Jazz Collective has called an “exceptional creative musician”. He also both writes and performs composed music and, as an academic, researches and writes about film. He plays or has played with musicians such as John Butcher, Joe Morris, Evan Parker,
Pat Thomas, and Nate Wooley, and performed with the late Tony Conrad, Steve Reid, and John Russell.

London based saxophonist Colin Webster is quickly establishing himself on the European avant garde scene. Collaborating with some of the key figures in improvised and experimental music, Webster is known for working from extreme sonic palettes  – from minimal to maximal, constantly pushing boundaries. Webster works regularly in a wide range of settings, from solo to large ensemble, and recent collaborators include John Edwards, Dirk Serries, and Daniel Thompson.

Andrew Lisle’s quick and highly textural playing is making him highly in-demand in the fertile improvisation community in London. In turns both propulsive and abstract, Lisle has worked with a number of key European improvisers including Alex Ward, John Dikeman, Rachel Musson and Alan Wilkinson.

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