Music : raxil4 presents: an evening of two ensembles. Friday 16th September 19:30

Andrew Page (raxil4) – sine waves
raxil4 is multi disciplinary sound artist Andrew Page, specialising in analogue electronic dronescapes, acoustic audio phenomenon and installation.
He has performed live all over Europe, many of his performances have been in non-traditional venues, often choosing to play spaces with character and interesting acoustic qualities, such as caves, churches, crypts, prison cells, psychiatric hospitals & water towers.
He has also performed live and installed durational works in galleries such as Tate Modern (London), The Barbican (London), The Arnolfini (Bristol), M-HKA (Antwerp), Sonnestube (Lugano), Soundfjord (London) & GV Art (London).
Some of his generative pieces have been discussed in classes on composition within the Royal Academy of Music. The first 400 releases of his back catalogue now reside within the British Library Sound Archive.

Iris Colomb – words and voice
Iris Colomb is a poet, artist, performer, curator, editor, and translator based in London. Her practice explores various relationships between visual and verbal forms of text through projects involving performance, book objects, improvisation, and experimental translation. Iris is the founder of the investigative poetry and performance platform SLANT, the Co-Editor of HVTN Press, a founding member of the interdisciplinary collective No Such Thing, half of the performance duo Soft Play (with Paul Ingram), and half of the text and sound project [something’s happening] (with Daryl Worthington aka Beachers).

Sam Enthoven – theremin
Sam Enthoven used to be a children’s author; now he’s a musician, sound artist and event creator currently exploring the places where sound and story meet. His main instrument is the theremin.

Tarik Haskić – electronics
Currently based in Slovenia, Tarik’s artistic practice includes free improvisation, performance art, experimental music and installation work. He is interested in the creation of listening spaces in which the exploration of inner and outer environments can occur. Focusing on the creative process, presence and the relationship of sound and people play an important role in his work.
Tarik often performs with self made music instruments made from recycled material, modular synths and field recordings. He has performed extensively both solo and in collaborative ensembles such as Listening Circuits, Tzika and Apocalypse Jazz Unit. His work has been performed in Iklectik and Hundred Years Gallery in London, Oooh Festival in Italy and ZEZ in Croatia.


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