Music : Christoph Gallio / Cath Roberts / Dominic Lash / Andrew Lisle. Sunday 4th December 15:30

Cath Roberts : baritone saxophone
Christoph Gallio : alto, soprano, c-melody saxophones
Dominic Lash : double bass
Andrew Lisle : drums

doors 3:30 | music 4pm | £8 cash

Christoph Gallio
Lives in Baden, Switzerland. Self-taught. Studied classical saxophone with Iwan Roth at the Basel conservatory and music with Steve Lacy in Paris. In 1987 he won the Action Arts Prize of the city of Basel, in 2009 the Berlin Atelier and in 2022 the London Atelier of the Kanton Aargau and the Buenas Aires Atelier oft the City of Baden in 2017. He has toured in and outside of Switzerland. Since 1988 Gallio had lead the trio DAY & TAXI with bass player Silvan Jeger and drumer Gerry Hemingway, and works in duos with clarinet player Markus Eichenberger and drummer Roger Turner.

Cath Roberts
Cath Roberts’ work explores free improvisation, composition and the music at their meeting point. Her primary outlet as a composer and improviser on baritone saxophone is the band Sloth Racket, which has toured widely and released several albums. As bandmate, Cath is a member of several groups including Madwort Sax Quartet, Article XI and MoonMot. She has a long-standing duo with guitarist Anton Hunter (Ripsaw Catfish), as well as regular collaborations with Tullis Rennie, Benedict Taylor, Otto Willberg, Seth Bennett and others. Cath co-runs LUME with Dee Byrne, producing concerts, tours and festivals since 2013 and releasing music on their offshoot label Luminous.

Dominic Lash is an improviser and composer. A partial list of musicians he has worked with includes Antoine Beuger, Tony Conrad, Angharad Davies, Jürg Frey, Elizabeth Harnik, James Ilgenfritz, Charlotte Keeffe, Paul Lytton, Joe Morris, Evan Parker, Éliane Radigue, Mark Sanders, Roger Turner, Fay Victor, and Philipp Wachsmann.

Andrew Lisle is the London-based drummer who performs regularly with saxophonist Colin Webster and guitarist Dirk Serries, with releases on the Raw Tonk and New Wave of Jazz labels. He studied at Leeds College of Music, as well as having a period in Portugal working with some of Lisbon’s veteran improvisers. Now based in London, he works regularly with saxophonist Alan Wilkinson and clarinettist Alex Ward.

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